• Primary Membership in ORCA USA Chapter is open to a former cadet of Rajshahi Cadet College who is living in North America.

  • Voting Membership in ORCA USA Chapter shall be limited only to ORCA USA primary members who have paid the dues as specified by the Executive Committee (EC) of ORCA USA Chapter.

  • Associate Membership in ORCA USA Chapter shall be open to the spouses and children of the primary members and ex teachers of Rajshahi Cadet College and their family members living in North America. They will not have any voting right.

  • Any member may withdraw his/her membership only through written notice to the ORCA USA Chapter Executive Committee. Any member may be removed or expelled only by a decision of the General Meeting on grounds contravening the organization or discipline or any other ground which the meeting decides reasonable.

  • The annual membership dues for primary membership are currently fixed at $10 for students and $25 for earning members, and the life time membership dues will be a one-time fee of $300 and shall be reviewed and determined as deemed necessary by the ORCA USA Chapter Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting.